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  1. 9-5 Workshop
    Hi, i messed up to update my Nav and used USA E803 version instead of EU E800. After update i lost sound. I tryed to install correct EU frimware, but after sucsesfully install sound still was missing. Maybe someone know how to fix it, or know who can fix it. Offcousre its difficult bc i live in...
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    Name:Jen Location - additional details:New Jersey Means of contact: Price: Transmission Type (auto/manual): Auto Mileage (miles/kms): 230k (wow) Description: I purchased the ICM3 thru a friend who found me one via junk yard in mint condition and the navigation feature doesn't work so...
  3. NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Hello there and thanks in advance for your advice. 2001 Saab 9-3 2.0T Automatic. 150k Oil coming from rear area of engine and covering exhaust and cat. Had a tech friend look at car with me and determined that oil pan gasket, timing cover seal?, and he said about 4 different misc hoses on...
  4. 9-5 Workshop
    I've tried searching the forum and also google where the location of the pcv valve in my 1999 SE V6. The diagram on the engine bay is kinda confusing. Can anyone provide a photo or a decent diagram? Oh and is there a PCV update for the 1999 SE V6 engine? :confused:
1-4 of 4 Results