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  1. Oil Cooler Tube Crack

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I'm trying to bring a 1995 900 SE convertible up to speed. This evening I happened to notice a crack in the oil cooler tube (welded on). As you can see from the picture, there's no oil on it. Is this something that could be fixed without a new part? Or is it best to just order a new cooler...
  2. Wondering what the tube is that's disconnected under my hood

    9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    I have a 2006 9-3 Saab, and I recently opened my hood up to find that to the left of my engine there is a box (I think it's my turbo?), with a big plastic tube underneath it that seems to be disconnected. See the image I posted: It might be hard to see but if you blow up the shot you'll see in...
  3. Brake lines - diameter and flares?

    C900 Workshop
    Hey guys, So I'm no professional, but I'm never afraid of working on my own cars. Lucky for me, the most involved I've ever gotten with brakes is pads and rotors... but... My 1989 900 blew a brake line the other day. Finally got a chance to look, and the rear left line, going from the centre...
  4. Help me identify this part (engine bay)

    9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    Hi all, A small hose broke when I was driving cross country. I might be mistaken but I believe it is an air line that goes into the engine. I fixed it with glue and duct tape and the engine has been running smoothly since then. I drive a 2004 9-3 Linear. Now that I am home I would like to...