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  1. Saab Tech II with Laptop - $350

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    Saab Tech II programmer with HP Mini 110-3731CL preloaded with Windows 7 and Global TIS, CanFlash, WIS, and TIS2000. Drivers installed with USB-RS232 dongle that allows full interaction with the programmer from the laptop. The laptop has a brand new battery, SSHD, and can last around 6 hours on...
  2. just ordered a tech 2 how do i get tis2000??

    9-5 Workshop
    hello all i just ordered my tech 2 and wondering who if anyone has downloaded a version of tis200 in a while and where could i get a copy of it. Also was wondering what I do about the security issue since ill have to trick it so the vin is good or something like that i heard about?
  3. Shop owner from CNY

    New Member Introductions
    Been in the repair business for 15+ years. I work on a lot of Saab vehicles. Tech 2 and Saab Global Tis equipped if you are local and need service or programming. Thanks. Looking forward to checking out saabcental forums
  4. -> Who can participate?

    Tech II Workshop
    For converging all the tech2 information at one place we introduced the Anyone, besides the SAAB Tech2 facebook group members, who is willing to help out, setting up this system?