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  1. 9000 Workshop
    I just received my Forge wastegate actuator (so happy) to put on my 1995 9000 aero. Big question, it does not come with the two bolts to fit it!! I have no idea what the thread size and length is for this bolt, the old ones were so rusted they had snapped the heads when removing the old wastage...
  2. C900 Workshop
    Hey there, does anyone out there know what the thread is on the lock pulls? ...Or if there is a thread for that matter. I wasn't able to check before I came home for the holidays and I'm having a friend make me some lock pulls. So if anyone has a pitch gauge and could measure that up for me I...
  3. 9-5 Workshop
    Tire question: to get a new one for the front or not? Just replaced a damaged rim and tire on my ’04 9-5 Aero but there is a problem. The tires that I had on my car are GoodYear Eagle GT, so when today I got the replacement tire (Eagle GT as well), I was surprised to find out that the thread is...
1-3 of 3 Results