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  1. Tech II Workshop
    Sorry if these questions are already answered elsewhere - I looked but didn't find quite what I was looking for so am posting here. I am looking to buy a TechII clone and basically just need an idiot's guide to TechII work. My understanding is that I can get a reasonable one that will do...
  2. Tech II Workshop
    Took my car to a shop after having rough idle, shuddering/misfire, loss of power and even stalling out to where I can't even turn the car over. I should have scanned it for myself at Advanced Auto as I did, only after I got played parts darts with at the shop. Anyways I have the codes for...
  3. Tech II Workshop
    For converging all the tech2 information at one place we introduced the Anyone, besides the SAAB Tech2 facebook group members, who is willing to help out, setting up this system?
  4. 9-5 Workshop
    Hey SAAB enthusiasts, Would anyone have or know of someone that has a TechII besides the dealer that would be willing to help me turn on Rear Park Assist on my 08 9-5 as well as a few other wanted items, such as horn sounding on lock, unlock, etc? I would be willing to compensate but the...
1-4 of 4 Results