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  1. C900 Workshop
    I have a mystery on my hands and neither me or my mechanic (he has tons of experience with Saabs and used to only fix Saabs) can't figure out. I have a '91 900 Turbo convertible and the original hydraulic lift mechanism (not sure the exact name) that raises and lowers the top made a loud pop...
  2. Cars for Sale - North America
    Name: Marcus Location: Tustin, Orange County, CA Means of contact: PN or 714-3434348 Price:$2,600.00 Description: classic Saab 900 Convertible (reliable,easy to maintain) • Registration good until 07/14 • Smogged • 174k Miles • clean title • color: dark green(original color - good...
  3. NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I'm very sad to say I'm probably going to scrap or sell my baby. I figured I would ask you guys one question... how much (ball park) would it be to replace my saab 900 ball joint and axle? I was quoted $800, does this sound right?
  4. C900 Workshop
    My window of my 1994 saab 900 turbo is out of the tracks. I took the door panel off and now there is a plastic sheet over a the electrical and the door. I can only see the window a little through a hole in the top. Does anyone know how to get to the window so i can get it into the tracks?
  5. Cars for Sale, Parts for Sale - Rest of World
    hello, i am living in co.clare, ireland, i am breaking a 1989 saab 900 convertible, just wondering if anyone interested in any parts regards brian
1-5 of 5 Results