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  1. 9-5 Workshop
    Hi there, I need advice I am thinking of purchasing a 2004 9-5 wagon. The owner has a comprehensive vehicle matienence info, and was the only owner. it seems to be in great condition but it has 89000 miles. He's offering it for 6800. Just curious- how do they cars hold up with higher...
  2. 9-5 Workshop
    Hi I just bought a 2004 Saab 9-5 Arc, with 95,000 miles. I love this car so far. I noticed on the Highway Im getting 30 -33 mpg but it drops to 14mpg when in the city. (based on SID). NO WARNING LIGHTS or Codes at all I just ordered new filters, spark plugs and fluids and will be tuning it up...
1-2 of 2 Results