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rpm drop

  1. RPM drop when accessories are on

    C900 Workshop
    Hi SAABcentral, I'm having some trouble with my 1990 900 3 door NA. Anytime anything electrically powered turns on in the car while it's at idle(lights, ABS pump, fans) the engine drops in RPM very slightly. I've put the multi-meter across the battery and turned stuff on and off. I seem to be...
  2. Gearbox Warning Light - RPM Drop, Not in Limp Home Mode

    9-5 Workshop
    '03 Aero Gearbox Warning Light - RPM Drop, Not in Limp Home Mode Hey Guys, As luck would have it, I got all the problems worked out, just to have a new one pop up. While I was driving today the RPMs dropped slightly and the car felt light I drove over a rough patch of road, like rumble strips...
  3. Starts fine sputters and revs up and stalls

    9-5 Workshop
    So this morning i got into my car to go to work and after pulling out of the drive way my 95 didnt have much power and started sputtering like its gonna stall but then revs its self up but after it did that a couple of times it just stalled. It revs its self up in little spurts too when not...