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  1. NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Hey, first post here. I just recently got a 96 900SE with about 100k miles, and the clutch cable snapped almost immediately after purchase. I just had it replaced and the car can drive now, but it has a problem where it will grind when I put it into reverse almost no matter what I do. If I put...
  2. C900 Workshop
    Hello - apologies if this posting is a repeat or has been answered elsewhere already. I have a 92 900 series with manual trans, 186k miles. I just got this car about a month ago. The reverse gear has been popping out if not held in place forcefully. This has slowly gotten worse until I can no...
  3. NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Hello everyone, I am new here. I have recently purchased a 1999 9-3S 5-Door, MT for $500. The exterior and interior were excellent, looks like it has been well cared for, so I went ahead and bought the car. I have always loved the look and feel of Saabs and figured it would be a good starting...
  4. NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Hello to all! My '96 Ng900 turbo had a transmission repair (clutch) and someone was messing with the rod (pic. 1) that fits with the shifter (pic 2). Now I have the problem that 1st. gear is hard to engage and to make it worst, can't engage into reverse. Any ideas how to fix this mess?
  5. 9-5 Workshop
    Greetings, Because she did not have a car, and I needed my truck for work, I loaned my daughter my '99 9-5 Wagon--4 cyl turbo,auto trans. She isn't the best at maintaining any car, and I am out of town and cannot check the trans level. She tells me that reverse gear has stopped working in the...
  6. 9-5 Workshop
    So I had to change the front seal on the trans this week. It wasn't to terrible of a job, being that I had access to a lift and a indie tech leading the way. everything went back in fine but when I went for a drive i found that it would not go into reverse from park, only from drive would it go...
  7. 9-5 Workshop
    My partner's '98 Saab 9-5 cannot select 5th gear or reverse. I can remove the key by selecting 4th gear. It feels as if something in the shift linkage has slipped or broken. Any suggestions? How do I go about investigating further. Is a workshop manual available online? Thanks in anticipation. Don
1-7 of 7 Results