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  1. 9-5 Workshop
    Hey guys, So I'm trying to get the AC compressor out of @andybisnut's parts car, but we need to deal with the refrigerant and we can't quite figure out how. Any ideas about how to capture the refrigerant so we don't offend the EPA? I guess once we get it in a bottle or something it can be...
  2. C900 Workshop
    It's warming up here in the southern hemisphere, and I'm trying to see what's going on with the A/C on my 900. Basically, I turn on the A/C and the compressor clutch is not engaging. Initially I though it was just a bad clutch, however I checked for voltage at the little red connector that goes...
  3. C900 Workshop
    Hi all... it's been a good 5 years I guess since I've been on this forum; back then it was for a 9000, now I found a pretty cherry 900 'vert and have been having a swell time with the top down. Except... The A/C doesn't blow cold. I jumped the low pressure switch and the compressor works...
1-3 of 3 Results