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  1. HELP - Saab 1998 95 2.3 - power not applying through to wheels - engine warms fast

    9-5 Workshop
    Hi, Just bought a 1998 SAAB 95 - have had a great week of driving - although there was a little "power slippage" but I have just bought it as a cruiser. This morning i noticed the temp gauge gets up to half quite quickly, and the power doesnt seem to be applying through to the drive train - it...
  2. Juddering while driving

    C900 Workshop
    Hi Guys hoping you can help me out here. Have a 900 turbo that has started to judder while driving. I am fairly sure this is fuel related as it feels like the engine just isnt getting enough. It will then run OK for a while. It has on occassion cut out/stalled when stopping but it is not...
  3. New and Old waterpump question???

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Question for you guys here. Just pulled out the water pump on my 2003 9-3SE Convertible. The old water pump has a hole on the side that bolts to the block apparently its "supposed to be there" because the new one has one as-well. i did a quick water test i put some water in the hole on the old...
  4. Hit a pothole, lost oil, no warning lights

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Hey everyone, I have a 1995 900SE Turbo conv. I was on my way to visit my mother and hit some pretty heavy traffic, didn't see a pothole and it gave a pretty good bottoming out. I continued down the road a bit (slowly because of traffic), and noticed a puff of white smoke from the passenger...
  5. Overheating '99 9-3 - No Coolant Loss

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    All, I spent some time this evening researching previous issues regarding overheating and other cooling problems, but I haven't come away with a clear first step for troubleshooting the following problem: Car overheated the other day without warning, I heard the fan working overtime while...
  6. Engine Overheated-Upper Radiator Hose Split-Temp Gauge Plunged! PLEASE HELP!

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Hey guys. After 2 hours of intense Philadelphia traffic yesterday from 4 to 6, I had began my leisurely 30 minute ride back home on the highway. Cruising along at 70. Suddenly, I noticed my Temperature Gauge was all the way up at high, so I drove about a mile until I could pull off. As I...
  7. 900 Turbo Overheating at 80 degrees in Chicago?

    C900 Workshop
    My 900 Turbo '92 has been great. But I took it out today, got caught in some traffic and my heat gauge when to the middle and then started climbing. I backed off a car length or two from the car in front of me which put the gauge back down to middle or just above it. But I could smell a...
  8. my 1999 9-3 is overheating

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    my fairly recently bought '99 9-3 has just started over heating. there is plenty of coolant so i'm told its either the thermostat, the fan, or the radiator itself. theres no saab dealership here in hawaii that i know of (i just bought it from a guy that had it here) i was reading elsewhere...
  9. Very Hot Running Engine Temperature

    9000 Workshop
    hey all. I have an older 9k and it heats up very quickly and often times i have to blast my heat on hot days to keep it from overheating! My buddy said that i can buy a new thermostat in place of the older one and my radiator would kick in a bit sooner. Any soul complete this task, know where...