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  1. Good shop in Charlotte, NC Area???

    9-5 Workshop
    Does anyone know of a GOOD Mechanic shop in the Charlotte, NC area? I'm having A LOT of problems I've posted about in other threads and really need this problem settled!! If you happen to know of any please let me know, I've wasted my time at about 5-6 shops so far and it's starting to anger me...
  2. TurboX Combi Auto 60k miles in NC for 15k

    Cars for Sale - North America
    It's not my car or posting, but this showed up in my ebay crawl. I already have a TurboX and if this one does not have any rear diff problems it is a deal at near 3k under KBB. I'd hate to see a car like this go to waste with some Duke fan's child...
  3. Saab meet in NC Anyone?

    Saab Events
    Been wanting to meet and chat with fellow Saab owners/enthusiast's but no one has had a North Carolina Meet yet, and the last time I tried to have one , it didnt work out . So if anyone wants to get one together let me know.