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  1. NG 9-5 Workshop
    Got a 2010 NG 9-5 and there are a few issues that I'd like to sort out. One is the heated seats don't work. Plenty of talk on FB groups about "just replacing the seat pad" but little else. Does anyone have any more information on this issue please?
  2. Tech II Workshop
    I'm looking at buying a 2011 9-5 as my 2003 9-3 finally decided to sing its swan song after 226,000 miles. One thing that I really liked was the ability to adjust modules via the tech 2, such as locking doors on drive off, being able to add the aux port, program new keys as the old ones fell...
  3. Cars for Sale - North America
    Name: Edward Location - additional details: Marietta, GA (northern suburb of Atlanta) Means of contact: PM, post reply to this thread, or (404) 647-3132 Price: $20k Transmission Type (auto/manual): auto Mileage (miles/kms): 49,300 Description: For sale by owner. Title is clean and clear...
1-3 of 3 Results