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  1. Saab Garage Murder Trial

    The Lounge
    Hopefully this will be the last story to come out of this sad, sad event: East of Sweden Murder Trial I've been a customer at East of Sweden since 1999, but first met Mary McGrath (& Bob Wisdom) the year before. In 1998 Mary helped me find the 1990 C900 I'm still driving today (a sale from...
  2. Saabs In News: Saab Murder/Bomb Mystery

    SAAB Corporate News
    I found this interesting, while it isn't news about the company, it does involve a Saab Repair Shop, Saab 9000, a bomb, and a murder. Below I've got the main bits of the article, but there's link is at the bottom so you can view the gallery and read the full story. From the article: Broomfield...