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  1. D-Bridge Pro For Saab...A Tech2 Alternative

    Tech II Workshop
    Hi all - after inheriting a 2006 Saab 9-3 2.0T a few years ago I have been a lurker here and learned quite a lot. A month or so ago my Bulldog puppy managed to chew up both the keyfobs for the car (still start, but buttons were toast) and my driver's window controls stopped working. Looking at...
  2. Add a Key 2011 - Warning M4510 At Leat one Vin invalid/unsupported

    Tech II Workshop
    Anyone try to add a key to a 2011 9-3? I've previously added keys on 03/04 cars, but never on anything this new. I'm using mongoose, tech2win and SAABGLOBALTIS. This 2011 has asked for security access for other changes with NO ISSUE. When it comes to the keys i get a warning on security...
  3. Mongoose Pro GM II for Saab? Let's find out!

    Tech II Workshop
    Tomorrow I will be receiving a Drew Tech Mongoose Pro GM II cable that I purchased from;ol; The primary use for this cable will be to perform SPS programming on my 2007 Yukon XL. However...GM recently approved this cable for use with Tech2Win! And even better yet, GM appears to...