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  1. Rear caliper leaking from parking brake

    9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    I'm having an odd issue with my 05 Linear where around every 3 months or so the rear passenger brake caliper starts to leak where the parking brake cable connects. This all started after the caliper was replaced by a local chain shop. I've since had them replace caliper 3 times and now I've got...
  2. 92 900 Turbo - Missing Oil Line & Fun Garage Find

    C900 Workshop
    92 900 Turbo - Garage Find & Restoration Recently scored a nice garage find. An old lady was moving and turns out she has a 92 automatic green and tan leather convertible that has sat in her garage for 5 years - untouched. Everything works - everything, even the roof, A/C is ice cold, too...
  3. Addressing ATF leak with auto box in 8V turbo sedan

    C900 Workshop
    Might be relocating my 81 8V turbo sedan soon. It's been out of rego and stored in someone's shed since mid-2014 and has been leaking ATF for a while. I never addressed it since my situation required the car to be dropped out of rego when unemployed. I know the engine still runs, but if it's...
  4. Oil low after filling 2 weeks ago!

    9-5 Workshop
    Hello everybody, this is my first time posting to this forum so I hope I give all the info that is needed. First off I have a 9-5 2002 SAAB. It has 82,000 miles on it. I had the turbo replaced less than a year ago, refurbished not new, and 2 months ago I was in a bad accident that destroyed the...
  5. Poor fuel economy solved, need other assistance

    9000 Workshop
    Hello everyone, For the past few months my son has seen the mileage on his 97 9000CSE drop and drop. Last weekend we pulled the cassette and replaced the plugs, old ones still looked good, discovered a crack on the bottom side of the cassette which I sealed with blue RTV until we could order a...
  6. New and Old waterpump question???

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Question for you guys here. Just pulled out the water pump on my 2003 9-3SE Convertible. The old water pump has a hole on the side that bolts to the block apparently its "supposed to be there" because the new one has one as-well. i did a quick water test i put some water in the hole on the old...
  7. 2001 Saab 95 2.3 turbo water flooding in Passenger foot well

    9-5 Workshop
    My 2001 Saab 95 2.3t is flooding in Passenger side floor when it rains, Snow, or I user wind sh:roll:ield washer, I already took out the carpet and foam padding to see if there are any holes in floor, bit nothing found on bottom, so my only guess is water is coming from top, some where around...
  8. Switch 2.0T to Aero? (coolant leaking on 2.0T)

    9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    Hello everyone, new born here, wheeeee~~~ Anyway, I bought a used Saab 2.0T with 86k just couple weeks ago and it keeps annoying me due to the coolant leaking issue. It`s seems lots of our cars got coolant issues either leaking or over heated or something else. Mine is the one called "coolant...
  9. Coolant Leak Help, Front Passenger Side (Not the water pump)

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Recently I acquired a fast coolant leak on my 1997 Saab 900 SE. I replaced the water pump, which slowed the leak, but it is definitely still prevalent. After looking around, I found exactly where it is leaking, only problem is, I dont know what it is, nor how to take the line off. The line that...
  10. oil light flicker on idle

    9-5 Workshop
    Seems like there are others with a similar issue. Pennzoil synthetic Platinum oil is at 4500 miles (mostly hwy.) "JLube guys said its good for 7500"... I seriously doubt it.
  11. Transmission leak?

    9-5 Workshop
    Hi, There is some fluid (transmission?) accumulation on bottom of transmission. I cleaned previous accumulation using carbcleaner three months ago. There are no drips on parking lot. How to fix? How much should I worry (urgency)?
  12. 01 9-3 convertible top leaks, headliner velcro tabs?

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Hi all, I am a new owner of a 2001 9-3 convertible that leaks a little in heavy rain. I haven't ever had a convertible before, and I expect a little leakage from a ten year old top. But I wonder how much is a sign that something is wrong. I just came back from driving back from a weekend...
  13. 2002 9-3 Conv. Antenna & Condensation

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Two problems that happened coincidentally happened at the same time. Listing both in case there may be some kind of connection. Background: 2002 9-3 Convertible. Pacific NW, The weather has been in the 30's occasional wind, rain and a little snow. Car sits outside, but the car has been fine. I...
  14. green kryptonite in my engine

    C900 Workshop
    Hi all, I own a saab 16v turbo 1988 convertible. it's rapidly loosing coolant and I'm hoping it's not the gasket that is blown, i've check around the engine and cant see a leak from it. and the coolant is leaking even when engine is not on. i suspect it's a hose that's broken, as the leak...
  15. Persistent wet carpet above spare tire on 98 NG900S

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I have a persistent wet carpet area just above the spare tire. It seems to be just water and not coolant or other. I've replaced the gaskets (just below the spare) and silicone sealed them. I live in northern AZ and don't use the AC/Heat very often (possibly eliminating condensation issues)...