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key reprogramming

  1. I really need HELP! TWICE Unit

    9-5 Workshop
    04/2001 Saab 9-5 Turbo Sedan… 4 door Hello everyone, I would like to say thank you in advance for anyone who can help me with this issue I am having. First, please let me state up front that I am a good thinker with very good common sense and can usually read and fix my own problems. But, this...
  2. Help needed - Saab Remote Key Reprogramming

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I just recently purchased a 2002 Saab 9-3, but it only came with one key. I found out about how if you lose all keys then you are SOL so I started freaking out a bit. After a lot of research here (thanks!), I found out you can: 1)buy a used remote key from ebay (this works up through 2002...