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  1. Looking for naming suggestions

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Hey fellow Saab fans...I'm almost finished working on a new (or not so new) method of having an Aux In for my 2000 Viggen. Of course, it should work for any 1998 - 2002 9-3 and comparable models... I've figured out the hardware and software needed to use the CD changer inputs as an Auxillary...
  2. contact info for AudioTroll?

    The Lounge
    Does anyone have any idea how to get in touch with Carl Levine, the guy that made the AudioTroll iPod integration for the Saab? I know he shut down his company in April, but he had said he was going to be sending out units he had in his workshop for repair. I had sent mine in back in December...