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instrument panel

  1. Instrument cluster problems

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Hi...I could use advice diagnosing troublesome intermittent failure of dashboard instruments in a '98 SAAB 900SE Turbo 5-door. The symptoms are: Turbo boost gauge on dashboard fails intermittently for weeks, then stops altogether. Months later, highway driving, depress hydraulic clutch pedal...
  2. Getting to the SID of a 2006-2009 9-5

    9-5 Workshop
    Hi all, I am trying to figure out the most efficient way of getting access to the SID of my 2007 9-5 so that I can tap a wire into it from my PAC SWI-RC steering wheel controls unit for my after market radio (Pioneer NEX). It's located behind the instrument panel. I'm wondering how big a job...
  3. 2005 Saab 9-3 Trip Reset

    9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    My gas gauge does not work and I already know the tank needs to be dropped to fix the sensor. My trip reset is not working and I really have no idea where to start. Wouldn't be a concern but with the gauge not working, The trip reset would certainly help.
  4. Removing Instrument Bulbs, C900

    C900 Workshop
    Hi everyone. One of the two bulbs that flood lights the entire instrument panel seems to have burned out. I ordered two LEDS, based on info from another thread here: And anyways I am trying to remove the existing bulb and holder and...
  5. For Sale: Cluster instrument panel part number 12808618 (USA SPEC MPH ONLY)

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    Name: Cluster instrument panel part number 12808618. US SPEC ONLY (MPH). Location: Right now in Europe. I can get some for you for cheap. Means of contact: Private Message Price: ~$300 and there is shipping. Description: While trying to get some interior parts from Europe for my TX, a...