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high idle speed

  1. Idle Control Problems intermittant 9000 CDE

    9000 Workshop
    Please help with Idle Air bypass or what inputs are causing it to not act correctly consistently My 1995 9000 CDE 3.0 V6, Automatic w/ TCS sometimes runs perfectly, and sometimes has idle issues. 110k miles on car. These problems are NOT generating a check engine light, unless I disconnect a...
  2. Engine Check Light & high idle speed after replacing turbo

    9-5 Workshop
    Help! I've just spent the last few days stripping and cleaning after my turbo died. The car is a 2002, 2.3lpt auto. I have fitted a new turbo, done the new breather kit and replaced all the perished 4mm hoses, new plugs; filters; oil & coolant of course. The car started perfectly, no smoke -...