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  1. 9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    Both H7 bulbs are brand new but will not work. Fuses and relays have been checked. Any ideas?
  2. 9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    Greetings! I got tired of burning through Sylvania filament bulbs in my low beams, and fancying myself a bit of an amateur EE, why not try putting in some cheap LED bulbs? I was aware of a few things going in: 1) Drop-in LED bulbs (especially cheap ones) have a reputation for quickly burning...
  3. 9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    Hey everyone, My passenger side headlight harness burned up much like my driver's side did about a year ago. Instead of going to the dealership, I went on amazon and picked up a set of these: About 20...
  4. 9-5 Workshop
    I just purchased a 2004 9-5 Arc with the xenon headlights. Currently the low beams work on both sides, but the highbeam only works on the left. After a lot of forum surfing I've come to a few different theories. 1) D1S bulbs are both high and low, and the right side bulb low beam element is...
  5. 9-5 Workshop
    Good afternoon, I just got my first Saab ever, a 2004 05 Model 9-5 2.3 185 BHP Estate Sport running on LPG! What a machine, it got only 41thousand miles on it and I am seriously impressed by the effortless acceleration and supreme drive. I got a premium car for a compact price! And what a...
  6. Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    I totaled my 2003 9-3 ARC almost two years ago and I have been moving across the country ever since. Finally settled in one place now. I have a full set of front and rear rotors still in the shipping boxes as well as a brand new HID DS2 headlamp and four16" steel wheels. I am in the Cincinnati...
  7. Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    Brand new in package Genuine Saab/GM part: "Auxilliary In" wiring kit for radio. Allows hookup of Ipod/mp3/etc. To play through radio $25. Brand new in package Phillips H7 Crystal Vision headlamp bulbs (pack of two) Nice upgrade over stock lamps. $25. Please email: [email protected] I accept...
  8. 9-5 Workshop
    Hi Everyone, I have a 2002 Saab 9-5 Linear. The right headlamp bulb is stuck. I was able to remove the wiring clip as well as the metal spring holder. The bulb is pushed in and I cannot pull it out. Any suggestions.
1-8 of 8 Results