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headlamp wipers

  1. Headlamp wipers. What turns em on ?

    9-5 Performance, Mods & Tuning
    I had some vanity work done on my SAAB 9-5 , 2000 2.3 t, part of which was tinting the headlamps with special plastic. It gives an "ultra cool" appearance 'long with Xenons. But I have yet to see those wiper blades move. They were always totem-pole even before I got the tinting. I wonder what'd...
  2. Headlight Wipers Synchronized?

    9000 Workshop
    Just bought this 93 9000CS for my GF, I noticed the front headlight wipers work but they aren't synchronized and it looks stupid. Are they supposed to be synchronized? I'm thinking maybe a left motor might have been swapped with a right at some point? What controls the synch?? Thanks for any...
  3. Headlamp leveling *and* headlamp wipers fail - Dice?

    9-5 Workshop
    Headlight adjustment motors *and* headlight wipers fail 9-5 Aero MY 2001 .. So, I lend the car to my neighbour while away for a couple of weeks. He used it for towing a trailer, presumably with faulty wiring. I found that all turn indicators, headlight wipers and headlight adjusters had...