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  1. "Behind the Dash" ground - time estimate?

    C900 Workshop
    Hi, I have a couple of questions in trying to repair my '91 900 Turbo died a while ago The car wouldn't keep a charge and on the day the car died the tach dropped to zero and showed no signs of life. I have just installed a new alternator and bought a new battery. The old battery was dead...
  2. '92 900s ground points?

    C900 Workshop
    We would appreciate any help with locating all the ground point on our rusty old 900s. Symptoms: Runs great after jump start using engine block as ground. Has full electric power to all instruments, lights, fans, etc. Will not charge battery. Will not start unless jumped using engine block as...
  3. Starting problems, more of the same

    C900 Workshop
    Hello folks, new user here. I've got a 1992 900 convertible, normally aspirated (that's N/A in the lingo, right?), automatic transmission. I acquired from my parents after they upgraded to a 2001 900 Turbo convertible. It's a third car, so not critical to my daily existence. Today I finally got...