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gas tank

  1. Need 1993 Saab 9000CSE Fuel Tank!!

    9000 Workshop
    Hello!! I have a 1993 Saab 9000 that has sprung a small leak in the fuel tank. This is one of the years when the tank was made of plastic, and the plastic rubs for years against the mounting straps until a leak forms. And it is in a difficult place, being right where the strap rubs. I have...
  2. 1984 Saab 900S -- Two Burning Questions

    C900 Workshop
    Hi there, I want to replace the O2 sensor on my 1984 Saab 900s (not a turbo) and just want to confirm that there's only one. I'm not a mechanic but I do have ramps and it sounds like a relatively simple thing to do. I already figured out how to reset the button that set off the EXH light in...
  3. 1/4 tank --> P0089 code

    9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    Hey all, apologies if this has been covered or is a known thing—I'm new to "new" Saabs. I did some searching, but didn't pull anything up in the archives... Anyway, I've read a lot about the P0089 code on the 2.8t—how many of you have driven for a long while with it, and others have replaced...
  4. Poor fuel economy solved, need other assistance

    9000 Workshop
    Hello everyone, For the past few months my son has seen the mileage on his 97 9000CSE drop and drop. Last weekend we pulled the cassette and replaced the plugs, old ones still looked good, discovered a crack on the bottom side of the cassette which I sealed with blue RTV until we could order a...