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fuel pump replacement

  1. '92 900S 2.1 16v started and ran fine after fuel pump replacement but now won't fire. Help!

    C900 Workshop
    Hi, this is kicking my butt. Several weeks ago the '92 900S wouldn't start. At all. Cranked over fine. It fired a couple of times and then wouldn't fire at all. I had the same problem on two other cars in the past two years and knew it must be the fuel pump. When I went to install the new...
  2. Someone Help PLEASE

    9-5 Workshop
    My fuel pump went out on my 1999 9-5 Saab, so we replaced it, the fuel fielter and the fuel pump relay. Now all it will do is pump air. When you take off the line on top of the fuel pump compartment it has pressure but just will not shoot out gas. I am so confused. Any suggestions would be...
  3. 84 900s Rebirth

    C900 Workshop
    Alright guys, I know there are a lot of Saab geniuses on here…any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. The story: I’ve always loved classic Saabs but never owned one until a few months ago. I came across a literally pristine, inside and out, 1984 900s (auto trans unfortunately). It had...
  4. Fuel pump power cable >> Where to find?

    9-5 Workshop
    Hello; I just used the FAQs here to replace my dead fuel pump OK. Now, I have a problem where the connector (see picture) has been compromised, and is not making great connection with the pump side of the connector. Anybody know where to get just this cable assembly without having to purchase...
  5. Replacing Fuel Pump in 9-5 Wagon

    9-5 Workshop
    I know everyone and their dog has posted a How-to on fuel pumps, but hey, I took these pictures so someone should look at them. I have been having a hard-start condition in the mornings, and it was suggested to look at the fuel pump. It seemed like a reasonable thing as the pump was also...