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fuel line

  1. Diesel leakage: Fuel line under rear seat

    9-5 Workshop
    Just bought this car (2003 2.2TiD Wagon). There are some challenges with this car. I have fixed most of the errors (front, left hand ball bearing, both lower ball joints, some other small things...). One problem that I couldn't sort out is a diesel leakage below the rear seat, located below...
  2. Loose Fuel Line

    C900 Workshop
    Where the fuel line runs into the intake manifold, the line closest to the front is loose and can be wiggled at the injector/line housing on the manifold (where the plastic line turns into a metal fitting that then runs to the manifold - that metal fitting is loose on the connector plate). It...
  3. How do you disconnect fuel line from engine?

    9-5 Workshop
    Hello, how do you disconnect the bushing that connects the fuel line to the engine? I could not find a diagram with the name of it so I've included a couple pictures below to help you see what I'm talking about. This part is located on the backside of the camshaft cover/valve cover. Do I need a...
  4. fuel check valve

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    99 9-3 i need to replace the fuel check valve, engine takes a long time to start and i hear thepump run continuously where it would charge the system and stop. Ho do i remove the fuel line and even more important how can i get it back on the valve, it looks to be heat shrink-ed on there
  5. troubleshooting the fuel pump

    C900 Workshop
    Hey all, this is my first post (I've been reading/visiting on here for quite a while). Anyways, I've been trying to troubleshoot my saab to see if my fuel pump has in fact gone bad after I experienced my saab cranking but not turning over completely. First of all, I've done all the reading and...
  6. fuel pump help

    9-5 Workshop
    Had a new fuel pump installed and I'm have trouble keeping the line running from fuel pump to engine secured in the pump. This line is secured with O ring gaskets on a plastic fitting. I replaced the gaskets and that worked for several months, but today it popped out again! It seems that I...
  7. New 87' 900 Turbo owner-fuel line question

    C900 Workshop
    Hi all, just picked up an 87' turbo in black, this is my first Saab and so far Im loving it! However there are a few problems the main one being the fuel leak I have. It is leaking right at the barb connector on the banjo bolt on the fuel rail. (the supply side closest to the flywheel.) I can...
  8. Fuel Check Valve Problems

    C900 Workshop
    I know I have a faulty check valve and wanted to replace it after installing my 255LH pump. However, the new check valve appears to be bigger and will not go in the test line that pulled from the fuel canister. Also after reading the forums, I tried to heat up the line in water but the supply...
  9. I broke a fuel pump - line connector - Can I just by the connector

    9-5 Workshop
    Hey everyone, I am replacing the fuel pump on our 9-5 and I broke a fuel line connector !*(insert 4 letter words here)*! You can see what I am talking about in the image I am attaching. Does anyone know if I can buy just the fitting. The local dealer only has the whole fuel line. Thanks...
  10. How to disconnect fuel lines from fuel trail

    9-5 Workshop
    I'm in the process of pulling the head and having problem with disconnecting fuel lines from the fuel trail. Workshop manual says I need a special tool for that. Is it possible to disconnect the fuel lines without the special tool ? Or someone can advise me where can I buy such a tool on the Web ?