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  1. Fuel Pressure Regulator removed and put back on - whining / screeching / squeaking noise

    C900 Workshop
    Today I went to replace my stock FPR with a 3 bar Bosch FPR. I cranked the engine with fuel pump fuse out, and removed the line to the fuel rail, only to realize that my adjustable wrench was too small for the bottom nut. Soooo back on it went, tightened to the line to the fuel rail until I...
  2. enhancements for my1988 Saab 900 Aero

    C900 Workshop
    OK, I'm just in the process of getting a hold of a Stage 4 APC unit from SD as well as 4 red series fuel injectors. I have also sourced a 3.0 Bar FPR. Is there anything else I need to consider here? I'm basically after around 200hp as a starting point. Am I better off just going with the...
  3. Wanted: 2.5 bar c900 Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    I need a new FPR and all the ones on ebay i dont trust buying used.....and a new one is to expensive. i also need the hose that runs from the fuel rail to the the regulator. i bought a universal FPR and it didnt work very well. but i had to cut the hose because it just clamps onto the fpr not...
  4. Wanted: Fuel Pressure Regulator in Chicago-Milwaukee area C900/9000 N/A ASAP

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    If anyone has a 3.0bar fuel pressure regulator within a few hours of Chicago/Milwaukee, I need one asap. They fit these cars: Saab 1986 900 Classic 16 valve non/turbo (2.0L)...
  5. Major Gas in oil

    C900 Workshop
    I have a 92 900 turbo and my son said all of a sudden it quit. Don't know if this has been a on going problem. Fuel everywhere...block,turbo cooler...everwhere..Beside a bad FPR how could this much gas get everywhere? Would the computer tell the injectors they where closed if it malfunctions...