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  1. 9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    Hopefully this is ok to put here, I was personally in a situation needing Saab keys a couple years ago and dealer is outrageous. If anyone needs a key for 03-09 at least you can ship me CIM module and I can flash in a new key for $200 (negotiable), with me supplying the "gummy" remote head key...
  2. 9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    so Ive finally decided to get my 07 saab 92 2.0T "tuned" im going to need to buy the adapter that works via usb, Q:is it possible to do it over bluetooth, is it a good idea? Q: what adapter should I get, ive heard recommendations on Trionic 8's website, i need to backup my ECU files first...
  3. Tech II Workshop
    Gentleman and ladies... Need Tech2 out on the Island for ECU flash for B207L to B207R (wtf) engine swap/upgrade..... Let me know if I may be lucky enough not to have to bring this thing over A bridge to get it programmed. thanks all. :o
  4. NG 9-5 Workshop
    Hey guys, I am hoping someone can help I need to get the BCM flashed for my 2011 Saab 9-5. I got the new BCM and had a guy program it, but need it flashed to my car. Hopefully someone can help me find someone local. Please help me before my old BCM goes out... Thanks for any help in...
  5. 9-5 Performance, Mods & Tuning
    Hi all, I'm looking for firsthand information on ECU tunes, what stage you're running, any positive/negative feedback you have, why you chose the company you did, if you worked your way up the stages how each compared, and any other random things you may have noticed. I know there is a good...
1-5 of 5 Results