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  1. What to do with the equalizer spot?

    C900 Workshop
    Hello gents! I apologize in advance if this has already been covered. I did some searching on the forums and didn't see anything... I have a 1984 Saab 900 Turbo that currently has some crappy Sony head with a 6 disc changer. Originally (and this is searching quite a ways back for me) it had...
  2. Looking for Radio and Equalizer; 1985 Saab 900 Turbo

    C900 Workshop
    Hey Saab Forums, first post here hopefully many more to come. I have an '85 900 Turbo. The moron i bought it from tossed the old radio and equalizer all together and put in an awful Kenwood piece of garbage. So, I've been trying for months to find the same radio that it originally had, i have...