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  1. NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Alright, so I have a pretty big problem! I recently replaced my fuel pump on my 97 900 SE. It had to sit for about 3 months because I'm currently stationed on Guam and it takes forever for parts to get here and a company sent me a wrong part twice. After her running again she purred like a...
  2. 9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    Im not sure if this is in the right area to post. I drive a 54 Plate SAAB 9-3 120bhp. Now my concern is the engine temp always shows low then what is should. I know in all cars it sits at a happy 90C and in basic terms controls the temp with use of pumping water to the radiator and back in once...
  3. NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I have a 2000, 9-3SE which has become inoperable due to what I am guessing is a major leak with the engine coolant. I first noticed the problem when I was driving along and saw white smoke coming from under my hood and a smell of water touching a hot surface and being evaporated away quickly...
1-3 of 3 Results