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  1. All of a sudden no forward gears on reverse!

    9000 Workshop
    ok guys this is my first post and i'm new into the saab scene. I was driving my 1992 saab 9000 griffin edition last night and when i went to take off from a stop it was like i was in neutrel! Reverse works flawlessly. After many minutes 5ish of moving the gear selector back and forth drive...
  2. Where did you drive this weekend?

    The Lounge
    Inspired by the weekly posts on Saab's facebook page asking everyone what they did on the weekend. So where did you take your Saab? Toronto has had a lot of depressing weather the last few weeks, until today (Saturday). Temperatures were mild and the sun was out. I just had to go for a drive...
  3. Hot Red Turbo

    9-5 Workshop
    I'll start with what I did recently to the car. (02 Aero Auto) -Installed correctly gapped Aero sparkplugs (were not in car prior to this) -Oil changed with 0W-40 oil -Goodridge SS Brakelines fitted I did all of this over the course of a week while the car was on stands because of a part I...