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  1. DICE/ICE Compatabilty

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I am rebuilding a '95 900 SE Turbo Conv. 2.0L. I have a '97 900 2.0L hatchback parts car. I have found that blinkers, speedometer, emergency flashers, temp gage and radiator fans do not function properly. I think i have determined the ICE is bad. I pulled the ICE 4711263 from the part car and...
  2. Tech2 with NG 9-5

    Tech II Workshop
    Hi- I've got a 2010 9-5 Aero and an original (non-clone) Tech2 with Candi module. When I connect the Tech2 and try to do any diagnostics, I get an error message saying it can't connect with DICE and there are no buses to connect to. I'm using vers. 148 of the Saab software on the PCMCIA card...
  3. Body Control Module

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I just bought a Beautiful 2002 9-3 Convertible with a turnsignal problem that I thought was a simple fix. Dealer says I need a DICE, or Body control Module for $!000. First where is the module? Does anyone repair them? I at least want to look at it and see if it can be repaired. So Far I have...
  4. Headlamp leveling *and* headlamp wipers fail - Dice?

    9-5 Workshop
    Headlight adjustment motors *and* headlight wipers fail 9-5 Aero MY 2001 .. So, I lend the car to my neighbour while away for a couple of weeks. He used it for towing a trailer, presumably with faulty wiring. I found that all turn indicators, headlight wipers and headlight adjusters had...