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  1. Side window art

    C900 Workshop
    So I was at the scrap yard and got this crazy idea to grab some fly out or pop out back window off a C900 and sand blast something on them. Have you seen anything cool or have an idea what might look good? I need some ideas. Oh yeah, and if you have done this, some pointers would be good...
  2. Window art

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I love driving something different then anybody else and just being able to get artistic. That's the wonderful thing about driving a $500.00 car. :lol: So I had this crazy idea to get some windows from the scrap yard and just try to sand blast some design on them, but what? Have you seen or...
  3. Saab Badges

    The Lounge
    Just wanted to let those who may not know there is various Saab Badges or Emblems out there. OE metal, plastic, and even vinyl 3D decals. We all know those badges have paint that peals off especially when your going through automatic car washes. When I bought my truck it's hood badge was scared...
  4. Body-Decals-Emblems

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Anyone know where to get stickers for the front and rear Saab Emblems? I went thought the car wash, and both have washed off. 1995 900 S 129,000