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cv boot

  1. Questions about axles and boots

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    While I was installing rear motor mount in my '02 vert 96k I noticed a big lump of grease on the subframe directly below the passenger side inner axle boot. I can't seem to find a crack or hole in the inner boot but that may be immaterial. I have gone through the WIS to see how to R&R the axle...
  2. Replacing oil/fluid lost with inner CV boot renewal

    9-5 Workshop
    I just replaced the inner CV boot on my 2000 95 2L auto. When I pulled the shaft out, a fair quantity of oil came rushing out (did not expect this). How can I replace this and where do I fill this? It didn't look like it was ATF fluid, but maybe it was just old (replaced that since). Is there a...
  3. CV Axle Help

    9000 Workshop
    So I found a CV boot torn and am in the process of replacing it. I have the axle off the car and am trying to get the circlip out and have had no luck. At this point buying a whole new axle seems like the better investment than the process of trying to get this apart. The question I have is...
  4. New W.Bearing, what else to replace?

    C900 Workshop
    I need a new RF wheel bearing so while I'm at it I thought I should replace anything else that needs it or could need it. So let me get your opinions. 1989 900 turbo convert. with 71,000 miles. Been on the east coast and midwest most of it's life but not driven many winters. I purchased 14...