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crank poistion sensor

  1. Issues Starting Car

    9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    I am currently trying to help my friend troubleshoot his 04 9-3 linear. Back in 2016 his car was dying in traffic at random times, and after doing some research we assumed it was the crank positioning sensor. He purchased the part, but due to him moving and logistical issues we were only just...
  2. '02 9-5 Replaced DIC and CPS, cranks but no start. Please help!

    9-5 Workshop
    Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle here.. So a few months ago my car stopped working, I try starting it up but it wont start, it just keeps cranking. I was told that the CPS or the DIC or the fuel pressure could be the issue. I check the fuel pressure from the rail and it was ok (a bit of fuel...
  3. I mixed the coolants, Problems arose. Related?

    Engine Oil, Lubricants & Fluids
    So my ignorant self from 6 months ago didn't know there was a difference between the orange and green coolants. So I topped off the coolant in my 2005 9-3 with green. Seeing as it was November in Minnesota, I had no issues with cooling. Fast forward 6 months, It is now April and my car has...
  4. For Sale: Black DIC and Crank Position Sensor

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    Have a stock DIC (not from my car) and a CPS from my 2006 9-5 with <56k miles (picture of speedo taken today before the cps was replaced a couple weeks ago). I bought the DIC sight unseen used and decided not to use it due to a crack in the plastic underneath it (from what I don't know?) and...