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commemorative edition

  1. Distributor CE 93/94 0237507010 - Red Box

    C900 Workshop
    Hi, i am looking for replacement/repair of 900 CE (red box) distributors. The part that is actually broken is the diaphragm in the vac/advance capsule. This is the part that makes the difference between a 008 and a 010 distributor. The rod in the capsule is # 2973. Part# for the capsule Bosch 1...
  2. New in the forum, not in the brand

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! My name is Gonzalo and I'm in process of getting my very first car, my very first SAAB. I come from Madrid, Spain, and now I'm in San Francisco getting a Masters degree in Industrial Design. My dad is the one that got me into the brand, kinda. He bought a 1995 SAAB 900 SE...
  3. 900 Turbo 1993 Coupe or 1999 CV Commemorative Edition (CE)

    Cars Wanted - North America
    900 Turbo 1993 Coupe or 1994 CV Commemorative Edition (CE) Hi, I am looking for 900 Turbo Coupe (1993) or 900 Turbo Convertible (1994) both Commemorative Edition. In case of 900 Convertible am I considering also 1993 preceding Commemorative Edition which has the same specification as CE. Car...
  4. 93 commemorative edition 900 turbo

    Cars for Sale - North America
    Good condition - 2nd owner, car has been in santa barbara since new w/ the same saab mechanic. No accidents, no rust, all original, good paint and interior except for the typical cracked dash cover. #47 of 325 made, meticulously maintained w/ oil changes at 3,000 m breezes through smog test...