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charcoal canister

  1. ELCD/Charcoal Canister Question

    C900 Workshop
    Have a gas smell under the hood and traced it to the charcoal canister area, where there is a fairly strong fuel smell. Everything is hooked up EXCEPT the ELCD is unplugged, the wires are no longer part of the connector, and, what I think are the power wires for the ELCD valve (although I dont...
  2. Charcoal Canister for 92 Turbo?

    C900 Workshop
    All, Girlfriend's 92 Turbo coupe is starting to rack up issues and I'm falling behind in dealing with them... I'm suspecting the charcoal canister because of a couple of the symptoms lining up... -Smell of fuel vapors in the car when it's sat for a few hours -Car is idling high, a little...