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cd player problem

  1. CD Changer doesn't work

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Security
    My CD changer is stuck. It won't play the Cd's that are in there, won't let me load new ones or eject. When I hit CD it just goes to AUX. Any suggestions on what to do? Is it an electrical problem or have my CD's melted in there? 2008 9-5 T Thanks, Edward
  2. 04 Radio/CD Player/Turn Signal sounds are not working

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Security
    I recently purchased an '04 9-3 linear that was told to have "no problems"... well come to find this was not true because my radio, cd player, and turn signals all do not make sound. I looked up all over these forums to find that amp 1 is generally the issue but i purchased a replacement amp 1...
  3. Introducing the newest Saab noob and a couple of questions...

    9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    If you don't care about reading my intro, skip on down till you see "SO" Well here I am, the new owner of a 2005 Saab 9-3 Linear. It's become an obsession, all of the sudden I care about my care. Like really care. Like I'm pretty surprised about it. At any rate, I wanted to introduce myself...
  4. Changed battery, now CD Changer will not work

    C900 Workshop
    Recently changed the battery and now my CD Changer does not work! I put the four digit code back in and now the radio works but CD does not. Tried all of the following: 1.Checked fuses 13 and 9, all good 2.disconnected car battery again to see they might trigger it 3. checked the cable to cd...
  5. Single CD Player Problem HELP!

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Security
    So, just drove 80 miles home from buying my first Saab and had a smug grin all the way. I have just purchased a 2005 Saab 9-3 1.9 TDi Linear Sport with 150 bhp...bit of an upgrade from the 1.2i Punto I was driving! Now I get home and get all my CD's etc out to find when I put a CD in the player...