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  1. Parts for Sale/Wanted - UK & Europe
    ** breaking for spares ** (bottom end has gone!!!) other than that all parts available!!!!! 3 spoke sport wheels in great condition with good tyres (one flat due to being sat for a while but still good) full black leather heated and electric winged seats in superb condition...
  2. Parts for Sale/Wanted - UK & Europe
    Hi, I've got all I need from the spares car (which wasn't much as it turned out), so I'm breaking it. Pretty much everything is available except the wheels. Fairly high mileage car (165k) Engine is good (quiet, no smoke, good power and good idle), clutch & gearbox ok, turbo is boosting well and...
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted - UK & Europe
    Saab 93 2.0 turbo 98-02 model Black Breaking all parts 3inch complete exhaust sold Abbott racing re-maped ecu still avalible with recipt when tuned Dump valve Viggen intercooler And much more Call me uk only 01206501439 or email [email protected]
  4. NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I have recently bought a 1997 saab 900s and my bushing keep breaking...they have broken 3 times this week..the 3rd time i had it fixed i barely got a block before it broke...i have read its a common problem but this much? Could it be the mechanic doing a bad job or could it be something else...
  5. C900 Workshop
    Hi all; I'm in the process of breaking a rusty '88 C900 'vert. After removing the carpet/deadener etc, there was a mat - consisting of a white fibrous material in a plastic covering - over the exhaust tunnel forward of the gear selector, which I presume is there to insulate the cabin from the...
1-5 of 5 Results