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base boost

  1. ABS fault = base boost?

    9000 Workshop
    Hi everyone, the 1995 Aero (manual) I just bought had the ABS relay pulled by the previous owner when he had ABS issues and couldn't figure out a fix. I dont need or want ABS, or certainly not enough to fix it. is it true that no ABS relay / ABS system fault will keep me in base boost? (the...
  2. When the engine knocks

    C900 Workshop
    Howdy, In the process of diagnosing my turbo's lack of boost (base only) I plugged the wastegate actuator hose and went for a drive. I saw that I could boost to a full 10 psi (presumably more if I wanted to kill the engine), but if I boosted to anything above 7 psi or so I would hear a knock...
  3. 900 spg WONT TURN OFF!!

    C900 Workshop
    Alright, this is a bit complicated so here are my symptoms. They all started at once 1. If my car is running and I turn the key to the off position, the car keeps running. (I can even take the key out and it stays on) 2. Car has been idling between 1500 and 2000rpm's 3. I finally found out...