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  1. 9000 Workshop
    What is the difference in a DIC for a 1995 9000 Aero 2.3L? Mine is black. The ones I am seeing online have a part #55561132 are red. What is the difference? Any? Also, how can I tell what hp my engine is? I see some for this model of being 170hp and 200-ishhp.. Super Newbie, learning quickly.
  2. 9-5 Workshop
    I need help pls whoever that knows about saab aero 9-5. Look at d picture below. The driver ran over a stone. And this is wat happpened. The mechanic that i had look at it said i need a new engine. Whch will cost me alot. But if n e one knowws wat part this is. Or wat u think. Pls let me kno. I...
1-2 of 2 Results