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9000 cse

  1. Need Suggestions: Turbo Smokes

    9000 Workshop
    So, I have recently swapped a 94' CSE B234L into a 98' body. The 94' had too much rust. Everything went in smooth, decided to replace the water pump and timing chain while engine was out. I also rebuilt an extra turbo that I had and put that in as well. The car runs great and drives good but the...
  2. Engine Swap!!?

    9000 Workshop
    So I'm all quite new to the forums and such. Just wondering if you guys could help me out! This might be a stupid question.. But I've recently found a 1998 CSE turbo with a solid body, but an engine that knocks. The body of the 98' is in a lot better shape than my 94' CSE Turbo. Is it possible...
  3. Progress on my rescue/restoration of 98' 9k

    9000 Performance, Mods & Tuning
    In november I picked up a 98' 9k for 1500$ cdn. It was in rough shape, after sitting for roughly 8 months. It hadn't been abused as much as it had been neglected by the PO who was using it as a parts car for a 97' LPT:nono;. Now it is in my hands it is being babied and treated how a car like...
  4. Aftermarket Stereo Problems

    9000 Workshop
    Alright first off I am the proud new owner of a 9000 cse and I LOVE it. It's a great car and I have no problems with it, except one. The owner before me put in an aftermarket head unit and didn't use a wire adapter, instead they cut the plugs off. This wouldn't be a problem but Saab doesn't do...
  5. 9000 aero bumper on cse?

    9000 Workshop
    Hey guys! My front bumper on my 98 9000 cse recently got backed into and smashed... :( Instead of buying another cse bumper, is it possible to put an aero bumper on a cse? I like the sleek look of the aero style better. They are slightly different because the cse has the rubber pieces connecting...
  6. 98 9000 or 04 9-5 arc?

    The Lounge
    Hi guys! I am currently searching for a new car because i just turned 16! My dad has a 1998 9000 cse that will probably end up being mine. but i found a 04 9-5 arc on craigslist for a good price and i was wondering which car i should get. is it worth paying to keep the 9000 on the road or would...
  7. 1996 9000 cse

    Cars for Sale - North America
    THIS CAR HAS SOLD! Kerry - Windham, Maine private message me or [email protected] 5speed manual with plenty of power still at 213,000 miles. Fair condition and Maine sticker is good until September but will need rear brake lines replaced to pass. Needs some other work, but nothing major...
  8. Little turbo, lots of air sounds

    9000 Workshop
    My son inherited a 97 9000CSE (no apparent mods) and when we accelerate hard, there is a lot of what I'll call air noise. The sound is NOT louder with the windows down and may in fact be louder with them up. It's never had the boost I recall from a friends older 900. I'm wondering where we...
  9. For Sale: 1997 9000 CSE Part Out

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    The car has been sitting in the backyard since the engine failed in 2006. External: Scarabe green. the body is in great shape. Fully in tact with no dents, minor wear and tear. Trim is slightly faded and weathered. Original OEM wheels are in tact with little curb rash. Interior: Tan Leather...
  10. Engine problems. Maybe oil pump?

    9000 Workshop
    The other day I was driving to school in my 1994 Saab 9000 CSE Aero Turbo and all of a sudden when i tried to accelerate my engine would rev but no power to the gas. It seemed like it slipped into neutral but it didn't rev like it was in neutral, it revved as if it was in drive. I pulled over to...
  11. For Sale: Automatic Transmission out 97 9000 Turbo

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    Selling Automatic Transmission out of a 97 9000 CSE Turbo. Trans is good and has 120K on it. Come and get it for $300 443-619-5953 I'm in Aberdeen Md about a half hour out of Baltimore
  12. Having some trouble

    The Lounge
    well i may not be to smart but i cant seem to find and aftermarket/preformance parts for a 97 9000cse or a website that sell these parts, or do i just have to go to a dealer? Help me please..!!