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9000 cs

  1. Hardwire reading light?

    9000 Workshop
    Problem solved. Not sure how to delete this thread.
  2. Radio cuts in and out with loud popping

    9000 Workshop
    I have a 1996 9000 CS and I am having some issues with the radio. It will cut out for a while and then it will come back on with a loud POP from the speakers. I used to be able to give it a couple of taps and it would come back on. But it seems like I have to hit it more and more and it works...
  3. AC Not Working Compressor and Relays are Good

    9000 Workshop
    The air conditioning on my 1996 9000 CS has not worked since I bought it 5 years ago. I moved to California and the past weekend it was 105 degrees so I've decided to look into fixing the AC. I checked all of the fuses and all of the relays and they are all working. The compressor does not kick...
  4. For Sale: Parting Out: 98 9-3 Vert / 93 9000 CS

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    Name: Brad Location: West Chicago Suburbs - Westmont, IL Means of contact: email - [email protected] Price: Open to Offers Description: Parting out two cars before they go for scrap metal. 98 9-3 Vert - Blue, Non-running, was in front end accident. 93 9000 CS - Dark Green...
  5. Changing the oxygen sensors

    9000 Workshop
    I have a 1996 9000 CS and from time to time my check engine light will come on and I got the code checked out and it says it's the oxygen sensor. I have also been getting about 6 or 7 miles per gallon less than I normally do so I think it's time I change them. Is there anyway to tell whether it...
  6. Transmission Problems

    9000 Workshop
    I have a 1996 9000 CS and lately it has been sluggish and getting pathetic gas mileage (22 MPG!!) I checked the transmission fluid and it turns out it is a dark brownish color. I plan on changing the fluid and the filter but I was wondering if that would solve the problem or if the new fluid is...