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9000 aero

  1. Aero not reving.

    9000 Workshop
    Hi new member here:) A 9000 Aero (Manual) I have been looking at starts and idles fine but won't rev. The car has been sat a couple years now and was apparently running fine not to long ago. The current owner seems to think maybe its just the throttle cable but looking into the topic its seems...
  2. Now then!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey This is the first forum (excluding reddit) I've joined in 10 years!;ol; I have had my eye on a Saab 9000 Areo that's been sat on a driveway near my house for a couple of years and I am finally going to look at it later today! I have been peering into these forums for information for a...
  3. NEED HELP... buying my first 9000

    9000 Workshop
    Hi guys, looking for some guidance. this will be my 3rd saab if all goes well. What is your stand on this 9000 for sale in my area(Montreal Canada).
  4. stg 1 vs. stg 2 SPEC clutch

    9000 Performance, Mods & Tuning
    Hey Guys, Does anyone have experience with the SPEC clutches in a 9K? My stock unit is starting to slip, and I have plans to take my 9K to stage 3 so a uprated clutch makes sense. The stg 1 has sufficient holding torque, but I'm thinking of going to a stg. 2 just in case... Has anyone...
  5. 9000 aero bumper on cse?

    9000 Workshop
    Hey guys! My front bumper on my 98 9000 cse recently got backed into and smashed... :( Instead of buying another cse bumper, is it possible to put an aero bumper on a cse? I like the sleek look of the aero style better. They are slightly different because the cse has the rubber pieces connecting...
  6. 93 9000 Aero cranks but won't start

    9000 Workshop
    Hello, I am extremely new to the Saab world, so forgive me if I sound ignorant, but I read through the faq and didn't find my issue. I am so new to the Saab world in fact, that on the way home from purchasing my new/first Saab I stopped to get gas and upon leaving the station my car will not...
  7. For Sale: 1997 9000 2.3 aero turbo breaking!!!! Full leather ******

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - UK & Europe
    ** breaking for spares ** (bottom end has gone!!!) other than that all parts available!!!!! 3 spoke sport wheels in great condition with good tyres (one flat due to being sat for a while but still good) full black leather heated and electric winged seats in superb condition...
  8. Do I have to have a key fob?

    9000 Workshop
    My car didn't come with a key fob and the radio was cut out, and I heard that this might cause it to have starting troubles. Is this true? Can I use newer Saab fobs (all in ones like for the 9-3), or only the teardrop kind?