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  1. 9-5 Workshop
    Hi everyone, I have a 1999 saab 9-5 and it will not start, it cranks but won't start. The first time this happened I was told it was the crank sensor. Got that replaced and it worked fine for a bout a month. Recently tropical storm issac passed off the shore of Florida leavening my 90 % of my...
  2. 9-5 Workshop
    2001 9-5 3.0 V6 Turbo with Automatic. Apparently the hose from the overflow tank to the gooseneck behind the throttle body split and the gf kept driving long after the needle hit hot. I can get the car to start... it takes a little cranking when its cold but starts right up once she's warmed...
  3. Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    Used in good working condition. From a v6 3.0 turbo saab 9-5. It is the black one. Bought a new one only to find it not fix my problem. So I left the new one in my car and am selling this one for what I think is a fair price. $175 shipped. Half the price of my new one. Hope to hear from you soon...
1-3 of 3 Results