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1999 9-5 wagon

  1. 1999 9-5 Wagon

    1999 9-5 Wagon

  2. Engine Removal

    9-5 Workshop
    Hello all, I am thinking of removing the engine block in my 1999 9-5 wagon for rebuild. It has the 2.3 with automatic. I was curious if I unbolt the torque converter from the flywheel, if the engine will hoist out easier than dropping out the bottom, or the much harder out the top with the...
  3. Rattle still there :((

    9-5 Workshop
    Hello all, Hopefully all of you can help with my ailing Saab 1999 9-5 Wagon, 2.3 automatic So if you would like a full amount of the repairs here it is: But the short of it is, there is an evil rattle still in the engine. To date the repairs are: dropped the oil pan, plastigaged the big end...
  4. Blown head gasket And Oil Leak?! Worth Saving???

    9-5 Workshop
    I own a 99 9-5 V6 Wagon with 95k miles on it. I am sure it has a blown head gasket. Signs include white film in the oil from water, oil in the water, and white smoke from the exhaust. Also, I am leaking oil somewhere as well though I can't tell where, somewhere from the back, the rear main seal...
  5. 1999 9-5 V6 Turbo Engine Oil Leak

    9-5 Workshop
    Looking at picking up a 1999 9-5 Wagon with a V6 Turbo engine. Problem is, it has what the Saab Tech2 specialist called a "major" oil leak from the front of the engine. However, didn't see any leaking during the hour the car was on the hoist. Now, from my understanding, these V6 engines can be...