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  1. 2nd Saab 1993 900s Would like after-market wheel help

    Wheels & Tires
    So a few weeks ago I bought my second one and I would like to put some after-market rims with all terrain tires. I have to travel 3000 miles fairly soon and am wondering how big I can go without modifying the body and suspention (unless Its fairly simple. I like to go on trails nothing crazy...
  2. newbie alert, a quick question about the 900

    C900 Workshop
    currently looking into trading in my car for a 1993 900S, its got original baby blue paint (wow these cars are just too friggin cool) but im gonna be trying to learn as much as i can about it, my question(s) are the follow; -900s? okay so i think i understand that the S means it has a light...
  3. Considering 1993 9000 CS Hatchback

    9000 Workshop
    I am looking at a 1993 9000 CS with 190,000 miles. Talked to the mechanic that has serviced the car, he has a stack of service receipts for the car, it's in great shape, looks like it has been serviced regularly. What should I look for, and how much should I offer to pay for the car?
  4. Replacing Transmission

    C900 Workshop
    I'm contemplating buying a 93 convertible, and the only thing it really needs is a new transmission (which it comes with). How easy would it be to replace the transmission? Would it be better to get it done by a mechanic, or to do it myself? It's a manual transmission, if that makes a...
  5. 1993 Saab 900 Fuel Pump replacement

    C900 Workshop
    I'm trying to figure out best way to replace the fuel pump. Looking for step by step directions. Also would like to know how to remove the bottom of the back seat.
  6. 93 Clutch problem

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I had my 1999 93 SE on jack the other day to replace the front flexpipe. When I started it to check for leaks, in neutral, I noticed the drivers side wheel was spinning. I could stop it with my foot, but a light touch wouldn't stop it. Doesn't seem right... Any suggestions as to what's going on?
  7. Hesitation Issue!

    C900 Workshop
    Sorry if this multiplies the post - old one didn't seem to show up. I own a 1993 900S and I am experiencing hesitation problems and delayed starting issues. Here is what i have recently done to the car (we can rule out) - battery, alt+ps belts, fuel filter, mass air flow meter, cleaned throttle...