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1991 900 turbo

  1. 1991 900 Turbo 'jitters' under acceleration & a few other issues.

    C900 Workshop
    Firstly, thank you forums! You have been very helpful to me. I must ask for your help yet again! For a while, I have had an interesting issue arise. It usually happens under acceleration. It seems as if my 900 shudders/chokes under acceleration. It's a bit hard to explain. The best way to...
  2. Wanted: 1991, 900 Turbo, black - Misc. Parts Wanted. Lights, blinkers, Etc.

    Parts for Sale/Wanted - North America
    Name: Justin Location: Edgewater, FL Means of contact: PM Price: N/A Description: 1991 900 Turbo, Black, convertible. Pictures:
  3. Ignition/Starting issues on 1991 900 turbo 5spd

    C900 Workshop
    So this is my first post. I have owned my '91 900 turbo for a few months now. Have done a series of repairs on it since I have owned it. Now I am at a point where I need the minds of the masses to help me out! I browsed the threads for anything remotely similar to what I am now experiencing, but...
  4. Car turns off while driving

    C900 Workshop
    Hello Everyone, To start I'm currently driving a 1991 900 Turbo SPG and am currently experiencing two sets of 'symptoms' with my car while driving. 1. Often when I touch the breaks my radio will cycle (turn off and on), if my headlights are on they will temporarily dim for a second and then...
  5. 91 900 Turbo Convertible

    Cars for Sale - North America
    Selling a 1991 Saab 900 turbo convertible. 127k miles. Cruise control, power heated mirrors, seats, windows, and top works great. Engine and automatic transmission run great. New voltage regulator, fuel inlet line and filter, and oil change with synthetic blend oil. Very good driver. Modern...
  6. 1991 900 Turbo

    Cars for Sale - North America
    On behalf of my next door neighbor, I present for sale this stock 1991 Saab 900 Turbo[email protected]/sets/72157625096522658/ I don't even know what this thing is worth. $3500? It was a daily driving car until a few months ago when something annoying eventually wore...