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General Information

900 T CV
Full (but cannibalised)
My favourite Saab before it was rear ended in 2011, which was in premium condition. I bought it back from the insurance company for $300, intending to use it for parts for the '88, -and later the Commemoritive. The City of Portland decided to enforce their "Inoperable Vehicle Statute", so though partially dismantled, I reassembled it from swapped parts from the '88, and made it operable. Mechanically it's in great condition; "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself" (Han Solo).

This car is not listed for sale, but I will consider offers of $1,200+ (Kelly Blue Book for a C900 CV T parts car in driving condition). Snow tyres and extra wheels not included. This car is restorable, mostly complete, but has a salvage title.
1994 SAAB 900 T CV (White/black)


Top is the swapped holey one from the '88. I stitched all the tears and applied clear silicone over stitches. I painted the entire top with flat black exterior letex to waterproof. Since the rear is crumpled a bit and the top was down during impact, I had to patch the difference in the top from the body, to make it close. The top is now more weatherproof than original, but it doesn't go down.

I should mention the wheel wells were pressed into the rear tyres, so I used a 3 tonne scissor jack to pull them more open. I intend to take it to a discount body shop one day, as the car has proved its worth as a winter car, the past 3 years and 10k miles.
Factory radio, speakers and equaliser, swapped from '88, plus used power antenna.

One of the other Saabs will be getting upgrade speakers, so this one will get the cast offs.

Keep in mind this car was intended to be a parts car, but received a reprieve due to proving its worth as a winter driver.
Wheel and Tire
Original 900 "Turbo Fan" wheels with Michelin Ice-X tyres for winter.

"Sunburst" wheels from '88 with Bridgestone Daytonna All Seasons for spring and fall.



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