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General Information

Turbo X sedan (automatic)
Jet Black Metallic
Cold Weather/Premium Leather (all except Sat/Nav -- see below)
Dec 2016: 103,000 Km, car performing flawlessly. NB (September 2014): 24 MPG/ 9.8 L per 100 KM on 500 mile run (most of it at 75 MPH+; 100 MPH spurts!). Not too shabby (have seen as low as 9.2 L per 100 KM). Most of the time: 12.5 L/per 100 KM
Bought new December 2008; June '08 build. VTuned Stage 0 from 8,000 KM; Stage 1 since 41,000 KM; Stage 2 from 59,000--Highest Endorsement!)....And Now Water/Meth injection [Snow Performance + Custom VTune- May'14]

For SaabCentral members (logged in) there is a 'blow by blow' chronology of mods (several)/maintenance (meticulous; via Aktive Motors,Oakville ON and Budds Oakville)/issues (barely!) under 'Photo Gallery'. [Aug '14: Actually missing some items in last year...filled in somewhat here]

Wouldn't know what to replace with if Worst happened -- short of Jaguar XFR[S] or Ghibli Q4 (even then not the Rarity--never mind Investment!). UPDATE, DEC, 2016: Alfa Romeo Guilia intrigues...

NB: At 42,000 miles [~68,000 KM] followed the lead of Kevin Quigley ('Saab Turbo X Club' on Facebook) and changed the pricey fluid for eLSD (not just DEXRON LS Gear- which I had done [twice]). Some metal shavings were found..."nothing serious". See posting (including my own) from November 17, 2013 on that FB Club.; 100,000 km, Oct 2016- Haldex Service of all fluids, preventative -- All Clear! :))
2008 Saab Turbo X sedan (automatic) (Jet Black Metallic)


VTuner Stage 2[July'13] (with 'Super' 20T:)]); Maptun Intercooler; Snow Performance Water/Meth - from May 2014:

"The X now pulls smoothly all the way to redline with over 39 lb/min airflow thanks to the upgraded Stage 2 turbo and and running 21+ degrees peak advance with no knock thanks to the methanol/water injection."

+ Taliaferro GS Cold Air Intake,Carbon; Chimera battery (@ 7.5 lbs vs. 42.5 stock!;unfortunately company has folded since...but device hasn't missed a beat); GenuineSaab[GS] 3 inch downpipe (catless); Ferrita/Maptun midpipe (w racing cat). GS metal coolant overflow+strutbar [May'13-NOTE 'REVIEWS' OFF GS SITE FOR INSTALL TIPS!]; Silicon hoses []
[Maptun strut brace was (re)placed on '09 9-3 SS 2.0T FWD project car]

430-ish HP/430-ish ft lbs TQE ('at crank').
Recaro SRD seats (driver/passenger) added January 2015- custom brackets required (installed at Boost Theory, Toronto). Weight savings about 40 lbs per seat. Sheep skins found way to other 9-3ss (whose leather, driver side, w wear/tear)
2014: AMG paddle shifters added![[Thanks Max Cohen aka Titan27]
Hirsch carbon leather dash, handles. Black sheepskins (front) StateOfNine [Removed with installation of Recaros]. EBay Hirsch-alike metal pedals
Playful homage to the 1979 99 Turbo piloted by Blomqvist & Cederberg to Victory at Swedish Rally of same year. First win by a turbocharged car in world rally. Plus personal company advertising [Mellowood Medical-IDEAS v.6]. Also, promotion for: SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team [SUHRT]; SECRAB;Bohlins Glass [Trollhattan's Favourite ice cream!];Maptun; GenuineSaab;Saab Club of Canada; VTuner; Chimera;KAK [Royal Swedish Automobile Club (trans.)].

Graphics: Abshot Signs, UK [Donna Coupe]; Installation of graphics/tint (Pinnacle Formula 1;35% w 20% at rear --to hide beige shelf) @ Thornhill Tints, Toronto [Richard Ramlogan]; 3M VentureShield Clear Bra (front end, mirrors,1/3 hood, rear bumper; headlights); Yellow film on foglights. Euro headlights (NeoBros, UK;no orange blisters!) w blink only orange turn indicator bulbs. Hirsch 3 pc. honeycomb grille. Custom Dave Barton 4 inch moose -- NB flag on rump! -- under front side indicators. [Light tint film - I think 35% --put on brake lights Feb'14--compare 1st pic and last...]; LED rear brake lights added, April 2015 [Boost Customs]

TO COME: After discussion with Nick Neo [NeoBros] at Saab International, Poland...might go for 'Ram-effect' Turbo...; 3M Carbon fibre wrap of spoiler lip (subtle change...saw Kevin Quigley's Turbo X SC so rendered at SOC'13 Albany -- Hooked!)
July 2014: JL audio and Focal Speakers/sub added
See: and
Kenwood DNX7190HD SatNav w steering wheel controls [swc]. Service interval and Onstar apparently sacrificed in going after-market (any other SID based messages/warnings unaffected). Swc interface (only used for adjusting volume up and down, changing radio stations) and Double DIN Cage, fascia, etc. (you'll need a bunch of not inexpensive parts to make it fit+ shipping from UK) to be found at:

Backup Camera can be sourced seperately (I bought Boyo VTB123HD Flush Mount Camera CMOS w parking grid lines, off Amazon -- much less expensive than Kenwood equivalent)
April 2014: Maptun Coilovers on [Corner- balanced and aligned at -- best in GTA!]....August 2014: Some 'clunking' at rear...need to change some bushings (trail arm?)...steel ones from Neo Bros. [Sept 2014: SOLVED...didn't need bushings after all...just adjustment (with supplied wrench, and some hammering!)...overlooked at install-- apparently 'suspension harmonics' were cause of loosening (expert had noted similar on Subarus with Coilovers...Driver side, rear)]
2011: Hirsch springs fitted (lower Turbo X 10 mm vs stock,front only- they're rebranded Eibachs BTW); 15 mm H&R spacers fitted (with stock wheels); GS 2 point sub-frame brace awaiting installation Fall'14 (? -- or maybe car too low now w coilovers...). [NOTE: Front end shot...spacers were not fitted in that photo; they are, rear only, on side view]

Mix of Ultimax slotted EBC brakes at front and GS slotted rotors at rear (plus Yellow Stuff). Goodridge steel lines.
Wheel and Tire
Summer: OZ Alleggerita HLT (18x8;18lbs each), anthracite w G-Max AS-03 235/45/18

Winter: Stock Turbo X Wheels (18x7.5; 26lbs each) w Michelin Alpin PA3 235/45/18

[Spacers not fitted in 'Turbo' picture]



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